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As a counsellor, professional coach, workshop facilitator and sensory healer my intention is to assist you in a dynamic process of self discovery, growing success and renewed hope in all areas of your life.

I love to watch people’s lives change, to see them settle and deeply align with themselves. It’s kind of like watching the sun come up. This gives me great joy.

This work, for me, is much more than a profession – it is a life calling. I am deeply touched by joining with others and supporting in any way I can to reduce the experience of suffering and increase the experience of joy for ourselves, our children and future generations.

People see me for a variety of reasons: intimacy and relationships issues, life work and small business development, emotional / physical / spiritual health issues, navigating change, healing trauma, feeling stuck or just wanting more in some area of life.

I love the coaching approach because we get things moving in the right direction quite quickly. The constellation work is mind boggling in its effectiveness.  Sensory healing is a gift I’ve awakened to that occurs on the feeling level between myself and those I support. Your readiness, our match and destiny also influence this work.

Ask yourself “Am I ready to take make this change?” If the answer is yes, give me a call. I would be honoured to support you.

D Brielle Raye is Counsellor, Life Coach, Healer and Workshop Facilitator living in Nelson, British Columbia. She works with individuals internationally on a variety of topics including intimacy, successful relationships, life work and small business development, emotional / physical / spiritual health, navigating change, healing trauma and spiritual emergence.

Brielle’s extensive background includes 10 years as general manager of a mid size corporation and the inception of several non-profit organizations in the alternative health and personal development field. Her office is located in the ManiStone Centre – a wellness center she founded in 2007.

In 1987 Brielle experienced a life changing spiritual awakening which catapulted her into the study of self discovery and personal leadership. In 1994 she began the work of supporting others, training first as a counsellor, later as a life coach and then extensively studying and integrating Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation, Movement of the Soul and other systemic processes into her work. Through these processes and years of working with others Brielle developed a deep sensitivity and attunement to the subtler layers of reality effecting everything in our world. She uses this capacity to help others heal and transform their lives. She also trains people to develop this capacity for themselves and with others. Her current passion is supporting individuals to awaken to their essential nature and participating in the great transformation that is occurring on the planet at this time.

Brielle Raye is a certified Personal and Professional Development Coach and has a Masters degree in Leadership and Training. She is currently studying in a 2 year PHD program – Timeless Wisdom Training – with Thomas Hubl. Brielle currently offers her support through workshops and individual sessions in person or on the phone.

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