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Crossing the threshold into the New You

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Almost everyone I know is in the process of taking a pretty big leap in their life. Some are finding the transition exhilarating, some are finding it challenging, and some are in tremendous distress.

I too am going through a significant transition and thought it might be helpful to share some of what I am learning about “Crossing the Threshold into the New World”.

1. Keep Your Focus on Outcome

Visualize your life on the other side of the threshold – step into it, feel it in every cell of your body. What does it look like, taste like, who are you in this new world?

Quantum physics has proven that the focus of the scientist conducting an experiment has a direct impact on the results. It is pretty mainstream knowledge the power of positive thinking, goal setting and visualization. Coaches have used this knowledge for decades to support clients to greatly enhance their success.  When you find yourself struggling – remember to bring your focus back to outcome. Visualize what you want and really feel it. You will most likely experience an immediate shift!

2. Make Your New World Real Now

I’ve found it very powerful to surround myself with elements of the world I am wanting to create. This is where fake it until you make it and the law of attraction comes in. I’ve discovered the more you create the reality of the new world around you the more the vibration of that shift attracts more of the new world. This can be done by creating something that fits in your new world or letting go of something that does not. What can you let go of that you do not see on the other side of the threshold. is not in the world on the other side of your threshold passage. Are there changes you can make to your home, to your office, to the way you dress… What can you do to make the new you real today?

3. Befriend the Demons at the Gate


Biblically people  refer to meeting the demons at the gate before entry into heaven.  What I have found this to mean metaphorically is that when I take a big step into a new level of life or consciousness I have to face all my inner demons or personal shadow: my fears that I can’t do it, all my limiting beliefs and self doubts, and my cultural conditioning that doesn’t believe in the “new world”.

It seems this process is unavoidable – we must pass through one paradigm to move to the next and the very nature of  paradigms is that one is completely in opposition to the other. Not only do we have to face our personal shadow but what I have discovered from the constellation work is that we also face our ancestor’s beliefs and experiences.

In our modern day culture knowledge of the connection to our ancestors has been lost to most although we constantly experience this lack of separation between them and us in our sensory body (feelings and sensations). We also connected to the planet and our entire human family. These invisible influences are also at play when facing our the demons at the gate.

Is this happening for you? I have learned the most effective action at these times is to befriend the demons like you would hold a child in pain- be in acceptance of your experience, bring love and presence to it without judgement or beating yourself up. Incredible insights can arise in this process and as you take the steps in front of you, your new life or the new you simply shows up.

Constellation work can be extremely powerful in this process as it helps us to become more present and into acceptance of the deeper influences – it is hard to be present or in acceptance of an experience that is unconscious like an early childhood trauma or an ancestors influence.

4. Identify and take Your Next Step

I have also noticed that if I stall (procrastinate on taking steps), beat myself up (spin in the mind or in the emotions), or avoid things through addictions, then I can hang out in the most difficult stage of the crossing, delaying or maybe even never making it through. Identifying a small step tand then taking it draws a tremendous amount of support your way. It seems if you take a small step the angels take a BIG step with you. This is the place miracles and flow start to happen. Try it and observe what happens.  If you are not sure of your next step – make your next step reaching out for support.

5. Avoid the Lone Wolf Syndrome

If you are having difficulties consider getting a life coach or setting up a support team – I am a coach and have a coach because it works for me. I also have a full team of friends and family that I draw on to help get my energy moving in a healthy direction when things bog down. It’s pretty incredible the power of a friend at these times – I have found the worst thing we can do is isolate and try to “go it alone”.

There is something very powerful that occurs when people come together with a common intention. The change that is created is exponentially increased. Our processes are magically interwoven and each person’s contribution benefits the entire group. Some people say one plus one equals three and others say one plus one equals eleven. There is power in numbers!!!

6. Surrender to Grace

As for the new life that shows up or the new you that starts to live –  that seems to be an act of Grace or a miracle God brings – perhaps in response to an intention or prayer you put out way back on the other side of the threshold. Usually I am astounded how the new life fits what I asked for and yet is so much more than my mind could have conceived of in the old paradigm.

Learning to trust the process and surrender to the grace that is all around us eases the passage and brings us into alignment with “the flow” of creation. This is where gratitude practices are invaluable. Ask yourself “what are the miracles I can express gratitude for right now”. If you can’t find any – look in the mirror – I guarantee  you’ll come face to face with the miracle of creation.

7. Life is a series of Thresholds

Once you cross the threshold into your new life everything (and everyone) will settle down. Perhaps this is because in the new world there is no contradiction, experiencing is believing, acceptance is easy when you are living in the new paradigm. You simply live the NEW YOU – until the next passage comes of course!!

To be clear this isn’t a linear process. We are constantly crossing over thresholds – it seems almost daily or even hourly these days. Life is a hologram of tiny thresholds that fit into a macrocosm of larger and larger thresholds – gateways into new worlds that ripple out endlessly in the universe.

Whooooweeeee!  Stepping with you friends! Enjoy the adventure!

with love

Dienna Raye

6 Comments to “Crossing the threshold into the New You”

  1. Hi Dienna! These seven points are very insightful and inspired, just reading through them is giving me more courage and energy to pass through my next threshold. Thanks for this and all your compassionate and inspired work. Also, your new website is awesome!

  2. I just made an important decision for myself that involved not meeting the needs of others in my family and WOW! – as I was telling them about my decision not to help they advised me that they had had another solution presented to them just before I called. The synchronicity in the Universe! I feel as tho’ I slowly but surely felt my way through my feelings to the right path, sharing my concern and listening to family and friends and then moving into the right place for me. I even had other options available to advise them of and they had arrived at the same place by themselves. I am so full of gratitude for this work. Ever since I started constellation work, nothing overwhelms me. I feel I move slower, deeper and more certainly than I used to and am much more satisfied with my choices. The “push” is gone and I am feeling full. This work is miraculous! Dienna – you can quote me on this.

    • Thanks for sharing this Kathryn. I too am continuously amazed at the miracles and movement that arise from working on this level. What a blessing for all of us.

  3. Thank you for these comforting words during a time of great changes. I find your words are an echo to what I have been hearing lately from other people who care. We are all connected and that is the most comforting of all.

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