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Individuals often come seeking support with depression, anxiety, anger or a sense of paralysis in their life. The underlying dynamics behind these difficulties is often complex and yet the solution to them can be quite simple.

I have come to see that health issues and much of the movement of emotions that flow through us are our connection with our ancestors and our personal past.Although this concept is a difficult one to grasp, in the constellation work we EXPERIENCE the truth of this and see the immediate changes that come in our life by changing our relationship with the entanglements that occur on these deeper unseen levels. Shamans have traditionally known this and have done the work of freeing these entanglements for thousands of years.

Developing emotional intelligence and learning to focus your energies on what you want to create rather than on the problem you might be  experiencing are both powerful tools in enabling change. We also do work on shifting the belief systems that entrap you in your current reality.

Perhaps the most important role I play as your coach and ally is to see the light of your authentic self and mirror this image back to you so you can consciously align with your true nature. From this alignment you can easily determine your next steps and effectively manifest your heart’s desire. This is the true root of happiness which naturally leads to emotional, spiritual and physical thriving.

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