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Embodied Awakening Support Community – Winter 2018




Dear friends,

I am excited to share that after MANY requests we are finally launching our Embodied Consciousness Practise Community starting in January, 2018.

This community is being created to support the members in the evolutionary process of awakening occurring at this time. This is an incredible opportunity to create the support you need to really thrive!

Our intention will be to create a resonate field of awakening individuals which in itself will greatly enhance each of our unfolding.

Participants will be invited to form triads and to meet regularly (in person or online) utilizing Conscious Embodied Listening practices to attune to the subtler fields of reality that are influencing everything occurring in our lives and in the world. Together we will help heal the blind spots that are creating the issues arising personally and collectively. We will also learn to attune to the spacious vibrant flow of our personal and collective source, and through that support each other to align with true purpose.

We (myself and the team – Sage, Fern, Karen) will meet online with the community every 3 weeks on Tuesday mornings to demonstrate, share experiences, provide individual coaching and answer questions. These will be interactive sessions for the entire community and will be recorded for members that cannot meet at this time.

The winter module is being offered January through March and the Spring module April through June. We will consider a Summer and Fall module once the Winter and Spring module are completed.

A prerequisite is participation in an Embodied Consciousness Workshop/Training with Dienna Raye or by special permission. This community is open to participants locally or abroad.

We would love to have you join us!! Register here to join us for the winter series Embodied Awakening Support Community – Winter 2018

Here are some further details:


Members will be encouraged to meet at least once between each community gathering in person online using zoom or skype. Triads have the option of meeting as often as they would like and can meet in diads when one person on their team is unavailable to meet. Members are welcome to belong to as many triads as they have time for. We will organize participants into triads. If you have one or two people you prefer to meet with you can let us know when filling out the form at registration.

Membership is open to participants that live locally or anywhere else in the world providing we can make the time differences work.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT MEETINGS – online support with Dienna Raye

We (Myself and the team – Sage, Fern, Karen) will meet with the community five times during the three month series to share experiences, to coach, to demonstrate Conscious Embodied Listening and answer questions. These meetings will be held on Tuesday mornings from 8:30am to 10:30am PST. These calls will be recorded and a copy sent to all participants so it is not required to attend.


Tuesday mornings from 8:30am to 10:30am.

WINTER series:  January 9th, January 30th, February 20th, March 6th, March 27th.

SPRING series: April 3rd, April 24rth, May 15th, June 5th, June 26th.


At this point we are only offering membership to those that have either taken an Embodied Consciousness Workshop/Training or those with similar experience. Working with Dienna Raye or attending Family Constellation workshops or other subtle level training can meet this requirement. Send an email to if you have any questions about this. We will be offering a one day workshop in January for those that wish to join the Winter Series but have not attended a workshop.

What People Say:

“I am in wonder at how the capacity to hold all that intensity has grown so much in such a short time.  That I am even aware of the need to grow a capacity is a miracle. I wouldn’t be here, in this place of wonder and awe and presence, were it not for you and the incredible gift that you bring to the world.”

“I’m just feeling such a deep gratitude and appreciation for you and all you bring.  And as much as I try, there are no words to accurately convey that.”

“Just wanted to let you know that what we worked on today has helped me immensely already.”

“I just wanted to say thank you again for what was a really powerful, helpful and generous conversation on your part.”

“There is a feeling in me, as if really my whole system now can relax more and more; that I can allow this; that I know, now it is ok. And I can love more. Yes, I feel it, that there is so much love in me, which really wants to live, to flow out of me into the whole world. Thankyou!”

“Thank you. For the gift of your time and quality of your attention. Something opened for me this afternoon – it was fresh and new,
With enough space around this newness that I can let it be, like a new skin to try on awhile. I appreciate your keen awareness and sensing- and  wanted to say thank you for the gift you were for me today.”

COST – $180 for three months

The cost for joining our community $180 for 3 months. This includes 5 community gatherings with Dienna Raye and support staff. This is an incredible value for the amount of coaching and support participants will receive. We do understand of course that even with that $180 can be a burden for those on a lower income or with special needs. There is a sliding scale available for those that qualify. If you send me a note about your circumstances I will send you a coupon to register at a discount. There is also an early registration discount available (see below).


Register Now and Save (register before Dec 31, 2017 – Total Cost $150)


TO REGISTER after December 31st.




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