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From Healing To Healer November 25-26, 2016

ConstellationFrom Healing To Healer

We live in a time of incredible possibility and potential. Many people face tremendous challenges – health issues, relationship struggles, financial crisis, and difficult feelings of being stuck or lost. As we address the deeper layers of these challenges our lives powerfully transform and often a heartfelt calling to serve others emerges.

As we spiral through this journey of “healing to healer” profound ways of shifting with less effort and with far greater results are emerging.

This workshop is an opportunity to take your personal unfolding to another level as well as introduce a process that could greatly enhance your personal and/or professional healing practice.

ManiStone Centre for WellBeing Nelson BC

Friday Nov 25 7pm-9pm – Saturday Nov 26 9am-5pm

Investment $120

Everyone Welcome Friday Evening – Preregistration required. Investment $10


There is a feeling in me, as if really my whole system now can relax more and more; that I can allow this; that I know. Yes, I feel it, that there is so much love in me, which really wants to live, to flow out of me into the whole world. To live.”  Khawar Momenia Sweden

“Thank you. For the gift of your time and quality of your attention. Something opened for me this afternoon – it was fresh and new, like a new skin to try on awhile. I saw something that had been around/ engrained for some time. I appreciate your keen awareness and sensing. Thank you for the gift you were for me today”. Nancy Fabio USA


Dienna Raye_200x225Dienna Raye has been on a powerful healing and evolutionary path since a sudden and life altering spiritual awakening in 1987.  She has traveled internationally exploring and training in leading edge modalities for healing and awakening. Her approach has evolved into a form of Conscious Embodied Listening that taps into and transforms the subtle realms of reality powerfully influencing everything in our lives.



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