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Perhaps the most satisfying experience in life is when the lines between work, passion, family and community begin to blur, merging into one stream of delightful purpose and living.

Creating a career that is heartfelt and purposeful as well as financially rewarding is a primary focus for many of the people that come to see me. Both the constellation work and the solution focused coaching approaches are extremely beneficial in identifying and creating life work.

My own career has been developed through utilizing the tools and approaches I serve my clients with. This is an ongoing process and my career is constantly redefining itself as I do this work with you.

On a very practical level we can work with determining next steps. business plans, working with motivation, time management and other business skills.

On a deeper emotional level we can look at values – what’s important to you, who are you? We can also look at resources and what kinds of support can be put in place to catapult you to a new level of success.

Systemic constellations are very powerful in exploring and clearing the deep invisible influences that hinder or enhance success.

Ask yourself – On a scale of 1 to 10 – how satisfied are you in your current work situation. If you feel committed to taking it up a point or two I’m confident I can be a powerful ally in that porocess.

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