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You might come to me looking for support to change an area of your life that is not what you feel it could be. This may be unsatisfying work, sexual challenges, relationships issues, problems with your children or parents, depression, anxiety, emotional or health challenges or a multitude of other life situations. You may have tried dozens of different approaches and still not able to feel a deep sense of satisfaction or that your life is on track.  My work is simply about expanding ones consciousness to listen more fully to ones essential self to create a meaningful life in alignment with one’s life purpose (in all areas of ones life).

When I sit with clients it is a MUTUAL experience of awakening that occurs. We grow together – it is a beautiful relationship that occurs.

As I grow and deepen my connection to Source I find it is more in the act of being fully present, on many

levels, that insights, actions and healing movements arise. My experience has shown me that when you come fully into the present moment and truly accept things as they are, life often changes automatically to be more of what your heart desires.

I am often astounded by what happens in a session and as transformed by it as the person or people I am supporting. Much of the deeper movement that occurs in this work is indefinable and what I have come to name as Grace.

I have learned through my own awakening and healing process that it is through total acceptance of what is, matched by listening closely to ones heart’s desire and a small amount of effort put in that direction – that this is where miracles often happen.

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