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Most of my work unfolds from an intention to grow, awaken and heal myself rather than to “heal” others. My commitment is to ongoing learning and personal evolution. The tools I bring to my support of others comes from a combination of approaches I have used in my own journey that have naturally become a part of my practise and therefore my service to others. Sometimes it has simply been one profound line in a book that has catapulted me to another level of awakening. More recently it is my work with clients, tapping into their potential as well as the great field of learning that has come available through the constellation work that has become my greatest teacher.

The list of mentors and approaches that have influenced my personal journey is vast and continues to evolve and change seemingly on a daily basis. Hence my approach with clients seems to change on a daily basis as well. With this it has become literally impossible to name all of the influences and approaches that I draw upon so I have decided to simply state that their are many other tools and approaches that you may find me utilizing in our work together. Some you will have heard of, some you will not. I will name those when I can and teach them to you to integrate into your own practise.

I have noticed that “my way” seems less and less about a clear, well studied and well practised approach and more about “tapping in” in the moment to what is needed. I am often as surprised as the client by what arises and how our work unfolds. Our works seems to evolve out of the connection between us, somehow I become a channel for what is arising in the client and a mirror of what is needed now. Amazingly the process often does the same for me.

I am grateful for all the influences and wisdom that that each person brings to our sessions as well as for all of those that have influenced my path and the great mystery that continues to unfold through my work with others.

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