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Most people desire an alive, juicy, vibrant partnership and yet so few of us are able to create or sustain that experience in our intimate relationships.

At our very core we all long for a sense of connection as well as a sense of autonomy. Our relationships provide the opportunity for both of these needs to be met.  When that is happening everyone is happy. Conversely these opposing needs can collide resulting in one person feeling abandoned and the other feeling controlled or suffocated.  All nature of habits and ineffective behaviors arise in response to this scenario.

When relationship issues arise I find people often get distracted by trying to get their partner/child/parent to change so their issue goes away. Although this is occasionally effective if the other person is willing to make that change, often a tremendous amount of effort is wasted by taking this approach. Changing someone else is completely out of our personal control and trying to make another person different has it’s own fallout, often creating even more distance or problems.

I often work with just one person in a relationship or work with both people in the relationship by seeing them individually. I have hundreds of experiences of seeing tremendous change happen spontaneously in the other people involved when working with someone to shift their part in the dynamic.  It is a pleasure to work with couples (or family members) together when each person is able to keep their attention focused on their own part in the challenge.

When you begin to explore YOUR personal role in what is happening you can begin to uncover the unconscious influences that might be blindsiding you. These influences can be connected to your ancestors, trauma in your childhood, disconnection from your own life and spiritual path, unconscious behaviors and conditioning or sometimes simply BAD HABITS.

Exploring and transforming the challenges in relationship  can become gateways to your true nature and sense of connection with source. Developing a few key relationship skills can transform your partnership into a powerful alliance that supports both you and your partner to align with your true nature and the life your heart longs for.

You could be very surprised how simple  creating a juicy, vibrant and alive partnership can be!



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