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Family Constellations

systemic constellationsConstellations are a simple yet profound method used to shed light on situations that trouble us in our lives. This approach is particularly effective in working with issues that continue to create challenges in spite of our best efforts to change them.

Emerging breakthroughs in science and psychotherapy, as well as ancient spiritual teachings all point towards the profound influence our family history, ancestral lineage and other systemic pressures have on our lives. We now know that on the level of the soul people are multigenerational beings.

Our genetic history can lie at the root of illness, depression, anxiety, unexplained fears and panic attacks, as well as financial failure, addiction and failed relationships.

Through the process or experientially tapping into the “morphogenetic field” where the blueprint of these hidden burdens exist we can transform the unconscious dynamics that affect our families, friendships, health, professional life and community. The process can be deeply moving and often results in significant healing and surprising resolutions not only for ourselves but with measurable results that ripple out into our family.

Note: This approach can be experienced in a workshop setting or through individual processes in person or on the phone.

Business Constellations

Beyond a doubt we know that much of what we experience in business, as in life, is influenced by dynamics hidden to common understanding. The interplay of various systems which simultaneously impact us can compromise our ability to make clear, rational decisions when we most need to. These unconscious connections can also directly influence the success of the business, employee and customer’s relationships and much more.
In a process similar to the family constellation approach these hidden dynamics are explored, understood and responded to to create positive change. In Europe the top tiers of Fortune 500 companies are being reorganized using this approach with the support of the founder of this work– Bert Hellinger.

Community Constellations

Like families and businesses the various elements of our community are invisibly linked and changes in one part of the system can strongly affect other parts. Community constellations can be done in large groups or in individual settings to explore action steps that strengthen and nourish the entire community, nation, or world. Often hidden problem areas are identified and surprising, creative insights arise during these processes. See below and FAQ for practical details and history of constellation work.

What Happens in a workshop?

What Happens in an Individual Session?

Issues that Family Constellations Address

Constellations can be particularly effective in dealing with chronic or ongoing issues that plague you in spite of your best efforts to change. Issues can include:

  • Relationship difficulties between partners, including divorce and second marriages
  • Inability to achieve what you want in life
  • Recurring feelings of isolation, abandonment and rejection
  • Difficulty making life choices and change
  • Problems with money, career or relational issues at work
  • Emotional issues – depression, panic attacks
  • Difficulties between parents and children
  • Illness and addictions
  • Intimacy issues, recurring trauma from incest, rape and violence
  • Bereavement
  • Fertility, adoption, miscarriage, abortion
  • Mental/ Physical/ Emotional illnesses
  • Recurring shame or guilt
  • and more

History of Systemic Constellation Therapy

What Client’s say:

The family constellation work is light, fun and deeply moving. It’s more like play than therapy but the shifts are real, profound and immediate.

-John Land
Medical Intuitive, Healer, Counsellor

I guess I was the group “sceptic”, but as you said on Friday, this can be healthy. I was moved to see people appear lighter and I am sure they felt loved and cared for. No small thing at all on this planet!

-B. Ogletree

I found the Family Constellation process extremely profound…..I felt a shift and big connections before during and afterwards! Thank you very much for this chance for deep healing!

-Barbara Halliday

The workshop was a very deep and moving experience and I enjoyed the group process and the connections to others. I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and skills in bringing out and interpreting what was going on on a deeper level. It is very intuitive work and you are uniquely suited to it

-Ulla Devine
Lifestyle Coach

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