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Our time together this morning has opened up something very exciting for me. THANK YOU! I feel as though you’ve facilitated a new connection for me – I’ve “plugged into” another dimension, another awareness, an expansion which I feel is very real, alive, true for me. I feel I am incorporating (bringing into flesh/body) a bigger picture – more dimensions – into my “field of vision”. I see a road leading into new territory and I am excited about it and sensing enormous potential for deep healing. I see I am not isolated, rather I am a tiny expression in the flow of my ancestral line, in the flow of humanity. We are energy, often crystalized, crying out to be released and returned to flow. Romana Villa Australia

Quick report – things are going really well for me. I often think of you and how much I appreciate the work we have done together. The family constellation sessions, as well as the personal coaching, have been instrumental in my ability to fully embrace my essence as a leader of conscious change. Fern Sabo – BC Canada

I am so full of gratitude for this work. Ever since I started constellation work, nothing overwhelms me. I feel I move slower, deeper and more certainly than I used to and am much more satisfied with my choices. The “push” is gone and I am feeling full. This work is miraculous! – Kathryn Spears Nelson BC


Brielle Raye is a talented, indeed gifted healer. Her innovative approach is always responsive to the moment. My experiences with her have brought greater insight and clarity to my life process. Work, money, relationships, family, all have seen significant growth in the 8 months I’ve done this work with her. – John Land  Medical Intuitive, Healer, Counsellor

You’re very good at getting to the source of problems/issues in just a few minutes – Selka Kind

I came to you suffering from low self esteem and self worth and find myself today full of honour, respect and love for myself. Your best approach is always changing and I love that most about you…. The truth is you are someone who teaches valuable life skills and leaves one with the tools to live a happy and fulfilling life. T.L.

– T.L

People have an opportunity to approach their challenge(s) from an angle that they haven’t already explored. For example, I am good and weighing out options and planning strategies. While this is valuable, it doesn’t always hold the answers and thus I think about the same things over and over, without results. This is when I think, “It’s time to make an appointment!”. Every time that I meet with her I get significant insights. –David Bristow IT Manager City of Castlegar

I have worked with Brielle for over 16 years – most of that time by long distance. She offers me clarity to see where I am standing, vision to see another place to be, and support to move there.

-Shannon Calvert, Social Justice FacilitatorLondon, ON

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