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There is something very powerful that occurs when people come together in a group with a common intention. The change that is created is exponentially increased. Our processes are magically interwoven and each person’s contribution benefits the entire group.

When we work with constellations in a workshop setting everyone participates. The unfolding experience is often fascinating and miraculous.  As a facilitator I draw upon everything I have learned to date and do my best to surrender  to the Grace that moves through the entire group often with astonishing outcomes. I find I am as much a student and a participant in this setting as the rest of the group. It is the level of presence, acceptance and love that is in each of us that seems to guide the healing movements that occur in these workshops.

Over time and with experience I have developed a gift for tapping into the deeper levels of existence, including the realm of our ancestors that so strongly influence our lives. In a workshop setting these gifts have become particularly useful and I humbly offer them in observing and sharing the interwoven process of the group and guiding each participant to tap into their own innate wisdom in effectively responding to  the hidden dynamics influencing their life.

My preference is to work in small intimate groups – usually no more than 15 participants. I have included several testimonials as this work cannot really be understood without experiencing it.

Workshops are regularly offered at the ManiStone Centre in Nelson, British Columbia. I also travel to other locations – see the events listing at the bottom of the page for a list of current offerings. If you cannot make it to beautiful Nelson BC (truly a treat) let me know and I am happy to arrange a workshop in your location.

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